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Summer squash

Summer squash

If you get a single issue away from this report, allow it be that we are straight up obsessed with summer season produce. Proper now, we’re particularly setting our sights (and stomachs) on all kinds of summertime squash. These soft-skinned and tender veggies are just as great raw as they are grilled or sauted. Even though zucchini and yellow squash are normally accessible yr-round, come summer season, you can locate an even greater assortment of shapes, sizes, and colours. We’re sharing some of our favorites here, so subsequent time you hit the farmers marketplace, you can fill up your tote with all the goodies it can hold.

Known for its deep green shade and straight body, zucchini is insanely versatile. Consume it as crudit, zoodles, or, much better nevertheless, lasagna. Oh, and if you see zucchini blossoms, definitely grab ’em—they’re a fantastic salad addition.

Yellow squash has vivid yellow skin (correct to its name) and a bulbous bottom, tapering at the neck. With two varieties, distinguished by neck form, straight neck and crookneck taste just the very same. Yellow squash can be utilised interchangeably with zucchini, or mixed collectively for the ultimate summertime saut.

This adorable summertime squash is exactly as the identify suggests… it’s in the shape of an eight ball. With the identical colour scheme, mild flavor, and texture as a normal zucchini, it can be loved raw, steamed, sauted, grilled, or even stuffed (just scoop out the insides very first).

Common in Mexico and Texas, tatuma squash is no stranger to farmers markets all through the US during the warmer months. Similar in texture and color to zucchini, it’s wider and much more bulbous form tends to make it stand out. If you adore zucchini fries, swap in tatuma squash. Then pat by yourself in the back for your originality.

We enjoy this zucchini for its light green ridges and specks, which produce an unbelievable texture for every single dish. Juicier, sweeter, and a bit nutty, prepare this as you would classic zucchini.

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