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Homemade salisbury steak

Homemade salisbury steak

This traditional Salisbury Steak is smothered in a mushroom and onion gravy and is prepared in just thirty minutes!

Salisbury steak

One of those comfort meals favorites that by no means goes out of design. It’s quick to make, low-cost, and is well-known with youngsters and grownups alike! This homemade version is WAY much better than the kind you’ll generally discover in the freezer section of your grocery keep.

The 1st stage to making Salisbury steak is to kind your meat patties. I like to use a 90% lean ground beef, due to the fact it has a good deal of taste but it’s not overly greasy. The meat is mixed with breadcrumbs and seasonings, then formed into oval shaped “steaks”.

The patties are cooked to golden brown, and then a straightforward gravy is produced with onions, mushrooms, beef broth and a minor cornstarch which is employed as a thickener. I usually use white button mushrooms, but other mushroom varieties like cremini mushrooms would also be a fantastic decision. I make it straightforward on myself by acquiring the pre-sliced mushrooms to save on some prep time.

The finish end result is tender flavorful patties that are just smothered in rich gravy. You can even make a double batch of this recipe and freeze half for another night! You can both freeze the uncooked patties then thaw and proceed with the rest of the recipe, or freeze the cooked patties in their gravy. If you select to freeze the cooked patties, merely defrost in the fridge then simmer in a pan until warmed via.

The absolute ideal way to serve salisbury steak is above mashed potatoes. I also include a vegetable side like asparagus or broccoli.

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When you try out homemade salisbury steak, you’ll in no way go back to the keep bought version. I make this recipe at least after a month in the course of the colder months and it’s usually a hit.

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