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Grilled brussel sprouts

Grilled brussel sprouts

This Grilled Brussel Sprouts Recipe is excellent for a quick and effortless weeknight dinner side or meal-prep for the week! You can use this recipe for grilled brussel sprouts, roasted brussel sprouts, or baked brussel sprouts. They are coated in balsamic, olive oil, and savory spices. Make them now!

There is practically nothing much better than summertime in Minneapolis! We have lengthy winters that are delightful till you are going on seven months in the frigid cold. We have a short spring and then BAM, it’s 80 and folks are strolling all around in their swimsuits.

You will discover Staff Fit Foodie strolling all around the lakes, canoeing in the boundary waters, and grilling. Lots of grilling. We have been looking back at older Fit Foodie recipes and revamping them. We have been all itching for summer so we created a record of a few Match Foodie recipes on the grill that needed a facelift. These balsamic brussel sprouts have been the initial on our record!

This recipe has been solid from the beginning. At one particular time it was one of the most well-known recipes on FFF. Crazy, right? Guess what? We still Enjoy brussel sprouts and we barely changed the recipe. Let’s chat all issues BRUSSEL SPROUTS for a minute.

We are not talking about frozen brussel sprouts, right here. I know several folks that hate brussel sprouts since they grew up on frozen brussel sprouts. If you’re into the frozen brussel sprouts point, far more power to you. Nonetheless, these items are mushier than wet leaves on a crisp fall day right after it’s rained. Do you truly feel me?

If you are somebody who grew up on frozen brussel sprouts, take the time to give these grilled balsamic brussel sprouts a consider! I love tossing brussel sprouts with a small bit of olive oil so they crisp up and a small bit of balsamic vinegar so they caramelize. It is a heavenly combination.

Suggestions on How to Cook Brussel Sprouts

  • Make confident you wash your brussel sprouts and pat them dry
  • You can cook your brussel sprouts in the oven or on the grill, just make sure you set your temperature to 450F
  • We enjoy cooking our brussel sprouts with balsamic, olive oil, and garlic. Really feel cost-free to include your favourite spice mixture to your brussel sprouts
  • Cook them longer than you believe! The inside requires longer and the crispier the far better on the outdoors!
  • We favor roasted brussel sprouts and grilled brussel sprouts in excess of steamed brussel sprouts.

Now, include brussels sprouts to the grocery list and give them a likelihood this week! #brusselsforlife

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