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Cucumber tomato onion salad

Cucumber tomato onion salad

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Cucumber Onion Salad helps make for a welcome modify of tempo from the traditional iceberg lettuce tossed salad. At your next barbecue, your visitors will enjoy this crunchy salad with some delicious grilled chicken breasts and a side of Homemade Garlic Bread!

Crisp fresh cucumbers are tossed with sweet onion and fresh dill for an easy summer time favorite that is light and refreshing.

Simple Cucumber Onion Salad Salad

For as extended as I can bear in mind, we’ve served creamy cucumber salad at gatherings and get togethers. As significantly as I really like the creamy model, we do enjoy the sweet tart vinaigrette fashion dressing on this recipe! You can make it in no time flat from just a handful of easy elements, including sliced English cucumber, sweet onion, vinegar, fresh dill and seasonings.

Substances for Cucumber Onion Salad

Any cukes will do the trick, but for ideal outcomes, use English cucumbers ( also identified as seedless, or European cucumbers). These are longer and thinner than salad or pickling cucumbers, and frequently come tightly wrapped in plastic. English cucumbers also have thinner skins and a sweeter taste then salad cucumbers, and the seeds are smaller sized.

If you are using regular salad cucumbers, you will want to take away all or most of the peel and seeds, as these tend to be bitter and a bit challenging. Numerous men and women also dislike the wax coating that is employed on grocery keep cucumbers to hold the merchandise fresh longer. You’ll want to peel to take away this coating, or you can consider soaking the cucumber in vinegar for many minutes and wiping the surface clean.


  • Rice vinegar is a excellent decision, it’s a small sweeter and much less tangy than white or cider vinegar, and won’t discolor the cucumber or onion.
  • Cider vinegar is a fantastic option and adds a bit further taste and tang.
  • White Balsamic is also a way to boost the complexity of the flavors. It pairs properly with tomatoes so really feel free of charge to toss a handful of in before serving and make it into a cucumber tomato salad.

Cucumber Onion Salad pairs nicely with spicy meats, this kind of as marinated chicken or lamb skewers or even Chicken Curry.

To Make Cucumber Onion Salad

Cucumber salad comes with each other so easily. All you need is your salad bowl and a cutting board.

  1. Prep: Slice or chunk the cucumber and thinly slice the sweet onion.
  2. Dress: Mix all components in a massive mixing bowl and stir right up until the sugar dissolves.
  3. Marinate: Include the sliced or chunked cucumber and sliced sweet onion and toss to coat. Marinate for a couple of hrs just before serving.

Once prepped cover and refrigerate for an hour or far more. This salad is ideal served nicely chilled!

Cucumber salad can be created in advance and will hold properly for a couple of days. They’re fantastic as a topper for burgers or sandwiches in spot of pickles! The following time you want a easy, palate-cleansing side dish, cucumber dill salad is an straightforward alternative.

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