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Beer butt chicken

Beer butt chicken

Beer can chicken is not only a wonderful way to cook a entire chicken on the grill, but it’s also a great deal of enjoyable to do. Sitting a total chicken on prime of an open beer can might seem to be a minor bit weird, or even frivolous, but it really is in fact a genius recipe strategy for barbecuing a entire bird although maintaining it moist, tender, and juicy. You can also include plenty of taste to the meat utilizing this method. Regardless of whether you like a smoky, mild, or spicy-tasting chicken, all you have to do is just switch up the spice rub you use to adjust the taste.

That is the real secret of beer butt chicken—using a tasty and aromatic spice rub to season the outside of the bird while steaming the meat as it cooks over a flavorful beer.

Not just any beer will do. Picking the right beer for beer can chicken is important to a tasty outcome.

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