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Apple butter

Apple butter

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This Homemade Apple Butter recipe is velvety, wealthy, and tastes like apple pie!

Excellent on best of a homemade biscuit or roll, a slice of toast, or even by the spoonful, you’ll enjoy the spiced apple flavor, with just adequate sweetness of this homemade apple butter to keep you coming back for much more.

In the past, I’ve only produced apple butter crockpot design (these directions will be in the recipe notes part), which is excellent when I don’t forget to strategy ahead. Buuuuut if you’re like me, at times the mood for apple butter strikes you when you didn’t put every little thing in the slow cooker hours in the past.

You may possibly be asking yourself about how to make apple butter on the stove, and this is a single of the greatest apple butter recipes and can be created in about an hour or hour and a half. That might appear like a lengthy cooking time, but a great deal of it is hands off and with this simple apple butter recipe, it can cook whilst you function on other things, like perhaps make some Effortless Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits or even sit back and take pleasure in a Raspberry Mimosa (or Mocktail).

If you’ve by no means had apple butter, you may be pondering what the heck it is!


They’re each similarly flavored, and created by cooking apples with spices and some sugar until finally tender. But exactly where apple butter differs is that rather of stopping when it’s good and saucy, you continue to cook it down till it turns into darker in color, a lot more concentrated, thick, and glossy.


Honestly my favourite point to do with apple butter is grab a spoon and dig in! Nevertheless, spreading some on a slice of toast or a freshly baked biscuit or homemade dinner roll is a Very shut second. I know a lot of men and women use it to bake with (like apple butter bars or apple butter pumpkin pie), and it’s even utilised in sauces (such as ribs or glazed over a ham). It’s pretty versatile!

You may be questioning if apple butter is healthier, given that it’s created from apples. Apple butter elements are reasonably fundamental, but sadly, it’s rather higher in sugar, and therefore calories. That mentioned, it does have some fiber from the apples themselves. I wouldn’t put it in your listing of diet regime-accredited meals just but, but it’s fantastic for a deal with!

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HOW Long Just before APPLE BUTTER GOES Undesirable

That answer depends on how you’re storing it. If you are canning apple butter in sterilized jars, it should keep just about indefinitely. In the fridge, it’ll final many weeks to a month. In the freezer, about four-6 months.

When you’re craving a taste of Fall, any time of year, select up a bag of apples from the grocery shop and whip up a batch of this simple homemade apple butter! For other remarkable apple recipes examine out this outdated-fashioned apple crisp or these caramel apple pie bars!

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