We are the Dixon family, a family of ten, currently in Costa Rica. We moved from the United States to Costa Rica on May 2, 2010. Since that time, we have experienced life and learning which has changed us in ways we cannot describe... [read more]  
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We are holding a little fund raiser to help us return to the States.
If you are interested in some nice purses and handbags, take a look at this. If you are new to Miche, it’s not just your regular ole pick up a purse deal. It’s much nicer, and my sis will help you with any question you may have.
It’s like this: Miche allows you to create endless looks with just ONE bag! The shells are interchangeable, and there are 4 different sizes for you to select from.
All it takes …

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English and Grammar Curriculum:
English for the Thoughtful Child, Vol. 1 (V…
by Mary F. Hyde
is an English/Writing for children ‘Grades: 3-4′. A Simply Grammar-like course for a younger child following the Charlotte Mason approach from Greenleaf Press. It contains everything you need for language arts – wholesome classic literature excerpts, narration, dictation, memorization, and composition. Lessons are self-contained and the book is very easy to use with short, manageable exercises and assignments. Like Simply Grammar, this volume is also a revision of an older book, complete with quaint, but stimulating, period …

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The popular Speedy Geography by Homeschool Bits is a new geography series that can be speedy, easy, and fun to learn geography! It is also priced right as a starter curriculum you can use as an introduction or to springboard to whichever direction you plan to go in.
Information is given in a lower-middle level of learning. Copywork pages are lined for both lower and middle level. Some sections you may find in the studies include: vocabulary words, a checklist, fill-in-the-blanks, fact cards, diagrams (labeled & blank), mazes, and website links …

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Title: The No Shampoo Method
Publisher: Feelin’ Feminine Ministry
Author: featuring Jocelyn Tzahala, Kimberly Coghlan, Kate Scott, Lisa Sullivan
Format: Ebook for print download. There are 25 full-layout, graphically designed, corner to corner pages.
Description: There is a growing number of people who are rejecting society’s standards of ‘clean’ by harsh and harmful chemicals found in many commercial shampoos, and turning to a natural solution. The No “Poo” Method is an easy, healthy, and cheaper way to cleanse your hair using your own personalized routine of baking soda, vinegar, …

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Here is a variety of  some of our favorite and highly-recommended reads.
Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery
Oh, the lovely stories of Anne with an e, the little orphan on Prince Edward Island, who finds the real meaning of family. This is one of our all-time favourite stories.
The Complete Anne of Green Gables Boxed Set…
by L.M. Montgomery
Anne of Green Gables (Unabridged Classics)
by Lucy Maud Montgomery
You will find more Anne resources in our Amazon Store.
Jeb Stuart
by Lena De Grummond
A true story about a famous American boy in the saddle.
The Bronze Bow
by …

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Coming soon to the Store will be our line of homemade breads and bakery-type items. These items will be available for pickup at our home in Costa Rica for now.
We will also be making other items for the family that will be listed as soon as we get them made and have some photos up.
For now, I will give you a semi-list of bread items you can expect to be able to purchase and share with your friends here in Costa Rica:

Braided Challah
Whole Wheat Loaves
Whole Wheat Rounds
Whole Wheat Sourdough Loaves
Whole …

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This is a Science Lapbook about Ecosystems from In the Hands of A Child. We highly recommend the In the Hands of a Child products.
It is in PDF format and delivered directly to your email.
Gr. 5-10
This pack includes an 11-page Research Guide and 16 hands-on activities about important cycles of an ecosystem, the delicate balance, managing ecosystems, and biomes PLUS a bonus activity to create your own ecosystem!
For more Science products:
Currclick Science products
Dixon Amazon Store: Science

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I reviewed the CCC for Tropical Traditions blog in March, along with a giveaway. I am wayyyy behind on posting my reviews and giveaways here for the products they so graciously gave me to review before we left. Hopefully I will get them up soon.
We have been using the Tropical Traditions products for over a year now. We started with their Virgin Coconut Oil, and I remember that when Amanda opened the first jar she got to review, I couldn’t believe how wonderful it smelled! She had been buying organic …

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One of my favourite tees is a T-shirt I won from The Homeschool Boutique. I won it about 5 years ago, and it is still a fave of mine. As a matter of fact, if it wasn’t for Lu and Samuel liking the ‘sparklies’ so much, it would still look very new.  I love the feel of the 100% cotton, and it washes and wears well.
The Homeschool Boutique is a family company providing the homeschooling community with hip, trendy, and wholesome clothing to wear, and also providing tote bags, backpacks, …

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America’s 50 States by Learning with Weblinks
Review: Learning with Weblinks: America’s 50 States
at States and Countries Exploration

In the Hands of A Child Project Pack American Government, Grades 4 – Up
Review: In the Hands of A Child Project Pack: American Government
Knowledge Box Central Presidential Election Process Lapbook (K-5th), Pre-Assembled
*REVIEW at States and Countries Exploration

Revolutionary War Period Cookery by Robert W. Pelton **LOVED THIS!**
Infinity Publishing http://www.buybooksontheweb.com
You can read my Review at States And Countries Exploration:
“Personally, …