Best Dog in the West

Our Littles love to watch Old Yeller. It’s one of those movies I have to hide so it doesn’t get put back in and re-played for hours and hours… and days… and days…

It was also a favourite of mine as a child. I still cry when Travis realizes he has it, and then when he has to put him down.

They just finished watching it, and I am cracking up, because I can hear Caleb singing,

“Come back Yeller,

Come back Yeller!

Best Dog dog dog in the West”

Jacque Sig

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Mrs. Jacque Dixon and her husband, Matt, train their nine children up in Yahveh’s narrow way, home schooling on their small homestead in Indiana. She is co-owner and Manager of Gleaning the Harvest, a mission founded by the Dixons, presenting widowed/single mother home school families to Yahweh’s people. She is owner and publisher of Training Sons to Be Men, and Training Daughters, Teaching Wives. You can also read encouraging home school articles and more about the Dixon family at Walking Therein.