Honouring Mom: Sons

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

Mother’s Day is a great day to make special memories with your children and be express to them how blessed you are that God blessed you with them. I hope you get “time to stop and smell the roses” today.

Exodus 20
12 “Honor your father and mother, so that you may live long in the land which ADONAI your God is giving you.”

While Mother’s Day is a national holiday each May celebrating mothers, for sons living for the One True God, it is just one day out of the year to bless your mom and honour and respect her as the LORD commanded you to do. God has given you a great honour to grow in him as a son, and he has given you the exact mother you need to become who he has created you to be.

Ephesians 6
1 Children, what you should do in union with the Lord is obey your parents, for this is right. 2 “Honor your father and mother” – this is the first commandment that embodies a promise – 3 “so that it may go well with you, and you may live long in the Land.”

Whether you always get along with Mom or not, God has set it up for you to be blessed as a son as you follow his commands to honour her and your Father. He knew just what your life would be like and what this world would be like today, and he knows all emotions and joy and disappointments. He loves you and has given you this commandment with a promise attached for your benefit.

Teaching Honour

As mother, it is a special task given to us to teach to our children. Giving honour is not something you can make a child do, but you can teach your child what it means to give honour and respect to you and others. We can do this by showing our children the honour and love we ourselves have for God. We can also teach them to put others first and treat others as they themselves want to be treated.

Proverbs 22:6
Train a child in the way he [should] go; and, even when old, he will not swerve from it.

Teaching your sons God’s commands will allow God to be the one who speaks to their hearts in the area of honour, and when God does it, it is not a forcing of the will, but a leading in the way he has for them. We can lovingly encourage them in his Word and teach them to be loving, which will then come back to us as blessings of love and honour.

It is a very important thing to teach our sons to honour their father and mother. First of all, God said so. Really, for a young child, it is that simple. There is a point where that is the only explanation necessary for a child to know, and after that, reading to them and letting them hear what God has said, placing importance in your lives in all areas to follow the commands of God will suffice. Because God has said so, we do it. Also be sure to incorporate God’s Word into your lives daily as you are working or playing or teaching and make every area of your life a time of honour to the LORD.

Second, God gave a promise with this command. He gave a blessing to our children if they honour Dad and Mom. We want things to be well with our children all the days of their lives. We want them to live long in the land. We must teach them to honour their parents and follow his commands so that they will receive these blessings. It is for their own benefits. Not only will they be blessed of God, but blessed of others. A young man of character is noticed. Actually, people notice people of good and bad character. Those with good character, who are respectful, stick out to us and we notice them for good, whereas a disgraceful and dishonouring son is remembered for his bad deeds.

Proverbs 1:7-9
7 The fear of ADONAI is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline. 8 My son, heed the discipline of your father, and do not abandon the teaching of your mother; 9 they will be a garland to grace your head, a medal of honor for your neck.

Proverbs 10:1
A wise son is a joy to his father, but a foolish son is a grief to his mother.

Honour is not a trait you will find frequently in our society. It is given to some, but not on the standards God sets before us.  Sons need to learn to honour their parents for another special reason. As a man, he will have many responsibilities and struggles to seek God for. The lives of his wife and children will depend on his dependence, reverence and honour for God. We must teach him to honour God so that he will teach his sons and daughters.

Honouring God is a choice we have, but not a choice if we call him LORD. We honour God because he is God, not because we like him or want to or for blessings, though we should learn to love his commandments. This is the same place of honour children are to give parents: because God said. It is not a meritorious honour, but one of position. Children honour parents because they are their parents, not because their parents are beautiful or smart or rich. This same thing applies to husbands and wives. It is a place of honour, and we reverence the position as honourable.

As our sons see us honouring God and his commandments, they will grow up knowing what the right choice is to honour God.  When we honour God even when our wants aren’t met, but we do as is God’s will, not our own, we are building the integrity and honour in our sons they will need to honour their father and mother and fulfill the commandments of God.

Passing Honour On

I can also testify to you that is you start with child number one and train her up in the ways of the Lord, those ways will be seen (or not) by each following child. Training a child up in godliness will be passed onto younger siblings, and what a joy it is to not have to pass on bad habits and continually train them out of child after child. It really is worth the training time to do so as soon as you recognize something! (Can you tell I am experienced in both sides of the issue?)

Sons, trust God and honour your Mom, not just on Mother’s Day, but every day, as he has commanded you to do. He created you and knows you and what is best for you. May he bless you, sons, today and each day as you set in your heart to accomplish the commands and his will as he has set it before you. May you be blessed in your life and live long on the earth for him.

May he bless you, Mothers, that you have wisdom in training up your sons to be honourable, reverent of the LORD and his commands.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Mrs. Jacque Dixon and her husband, Matt, train their eight children up in the LORD home schooling on their small homestead in Indiana. They are the founders of Gleaning the Harvest, presenting widows and fatherless to the Body of Christ. She is owner and publisher of Training Sons to Be Men, Training Daughters, Teaching Wives, and Sr. Executive Editor of Growing in Grace Magazine, where she is a regular columnist. You can read encouraging home school articles and more about the Dixon family at Walking Therein.

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