Blogging Prompts for Young Men

We use blogging in our home school, and lately, I have not had time to get our children on and make sure they are doing what they need to. It’s time to get a list of prompts for them to write about and also update the schedule they have.

Eric is our young man who blogs. He is 12.

Prompts for young men to blog about:

Bible verses
How-to: “Clean my room”, “mow the lawn”, “Take care of my pet- animal, etc”
What is new at our home
How I help at home – chore list
What Dad and I Do Together
What I learned today
How I Help teach my little brothers
Fun things I like to do
About my pets
Memes: Our children participate in weekly memes:
Photos and descriptions
Farm life- City life
Going to the Library
My favourite books
What I like to cook

Blogging Rules, ages 9-12

* You MUST post a Bible-related post once a week.
* 1/2 of your posts MUST be Assignments each week.
* You have 30m to type up your post and publish it. Your posts must be typed up prior to getting online and checked. All posts must be handwritten, prior to typing them up offline.
* You can comment on 3 blogs (this doesn’t include family blogs.
*You have 30m/week online to design your blog. You can Blog design offline for 1H. Blog design offline includes working on Paint, photos, etc..
* You have nominal time to research your Assignments, if necessary.
* All posts must be done on the day PRIOR TO your blogging day.
* Special permissions will be granted to extend these times.

Here is the schedule for Eric:  He has 30m to type up these posts, and they do not have to be typed up on the day of. We will likely choose one day to have him do this.

He has the same “rules” as Hannah, but has more time to be online.

Monday: Your choice to post what you like to.
Thursday: LLM meme
Friday: US History meme
Saturday: Psalm & Praise meme

Does your child have a blog? Do you have a schedule or goals for their blogging? Specifying what is edifying for them to blog, and when they can be on the computer is part of what we do to safeguard them online. What types of rules do you have to safeguard them online?

Jacque Sig

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Blogging to Learn: Assignments, Rules, Schedules

A Gentleman

Daddy to Caleb: Do you know what a gentleman is?

Caleb: “No.”

Daddy: It is a gentle man, otherwise they would have called it a meanman.

He got the point… And is now drifting off to sleep, as Daddy hums Amazing Grace, Calebs favourite song…. :)

Proverbs 13:1
A son who heeds his father’s discipline is wise, but a scoffer doesn’t listen to rebuke.

I am blessed~

Jacque Sig

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