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[Whole Wheat] Sourdough English Muffins

Anyone else wanna say, NOM NOM NOM! with me?! Well, I was really wanting some real bread, like what is made in the oven. Since we haven't had an oven for about a month and a half, we have been Continue Reading


Soooo. I can't think of a title. So, this post is titled 'untitled.' :) Enjoy the photos. Mishle 27:25 The hay is removed, and the new growth appears, The grasses of the hills are gathered Continue Reading

Hollywood’s history

Do you believe everything you watch in movies? I don't; I used to believe things that looked and sounded realistic and true, but not everything I saw. I like wathing movies; who doesn't? But I Continue Reading

I am the beloved Count Featherwings!

hello! hello! hello! I am the beloved Count Featherwings! How do come hither? I am of a race of Counts which possess the greatest silky-feather wings than any other being of Moth you will Continue Reading

I Got Me A Clutch

From a lovely friend. ;) I had asked her if she would be able to make something sort of like a knapsack, instead, she gave me another idea, and made this beautiful clutch for me: The colour is Continue Reading

my blog tells you i am…

I asked on my blog for people to tell me what they get of me and myself from my blog. Here are the responses I got: Jocelyn said that: you’re sweet, thoughtful, intelligent, and mad Continue Reading

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