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...that's what Samo keeps saying, anyway. He just randomly says it: "Chick-chick-boom-boom!" in his sweet little voice. He's just darling like that. We found our hens, but Sol is still lost. :'( I Continue Reading

English Muffins [nom nom nom]

.sheer goodness. I love English muffins, and without an oven for the past, oh, say month and a half to almost two months, I've been making quite a few of them. First it was the sourdough English Continue Reading

a not-so-bizarre reoccurence

a not-so-bizarre reoccurence

It was always amazing to me when it would thunderstorm or rain hard in Indiana and then all of the sudden, the clouds would part and the sun would shine down through the opening. It seemed like it Continue Reading

some chicken facts.

I love chickens. I loved having almost 80 at one time. the few we have now are so funny. I miss being able to go out to the barn and collect four dozen eggs a day. and I miss Continue Reading

as of recently.

Wellllllllll... here I am again, posting photos. My blog seems to be completely of photos and hardly anything else, wouldn't you agree? I'm sorry about that, but I can't help it really. really Continue Reading


Howdy, ya'll! . But she's a lot more friendly than before. :) nope, not mine. I tried to copy my parrot drawing to give to the owner of the parrot, but the printer didn't like to work, and there Continue Reading

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