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a day at the field

We went to the soccer field on Sunday and I took along the camera. I got a couple of really nice photos. Or, at least I think they are nice. :) Maybe you would agree with me. I am not posting all the photos in this post, because there are too many to have in one post. So there will be other posts coming soon with photos!

click on the photos to make them bigger. They will open in a new tab. :)

We went with the P’s; we had lunch up at the little building there before we ran around the field.

lookie at this view!

Spinach-tomato-cucumber pasta salad that Joelyn made. It was good. :) We also had baked beans, tuna salad sandwiches, flat bread and watermelon. Yum. It was good.

Actually, since we got there first, Jocelyn and I ran around with Louie and Gisi. They enjoyed it very much.

Look how long his tongue is!

And Gisi. she’s sooooo funny sometimes. She was so tired from running around and laid down and wouldn’t sit up straight when Jocelyn wanted a photo.

I like that photo. ;)

Lu was so funny and I told her to look at me when we was getting a drink. She’s a cutie!

To leave off, here’s a couple of photos of Momma and Samo:

as ever,

5 Responses to “a day at the field”

  1. That is a great photo of Lucy!!


  2. Clara says:

    Great photos! Great view! Beautiful photo of your momma and lil brother, too! :)

    Sounds like a fun time, as well. :) Look forward to seeing more photos.


  3. Farmgirls says:

    I love the pictures…looks like fun ;-)



  4. 5blessings says:

    Awesome pics, very beautiful


  5. Jenna K. says:

    Oooh fun!!! :D
    Jenna K.´s last [type] ..Praise Him!


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