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Shabbat Shalom, friends. :)

I haven’t done a shabbat post in awhile, have I? Well, I think it is high time for one. :) Don’t you?

Psalm 34
I bless HYH at all times; His praise is continually in my mouth. My being makes its boast in HYH; Let the humble hear and be glad. Oh, make HYH great with me, And let us exalt His Name together. I sought HYH, and He answered me, And delivered me from all my fears. They looked to Him and were lightened, And their faces were not ashamed. This poor one cried out and HYH heard him, And saved him out of all his distresses.

Yesterday, I got up extremely late, on account of having gone to bed at a late time. I know, not surprising, :) but I will get better at going to bed someday. I have done it before, but lately, it is easier to stay in that endless, yet vicious cycle of going to bed late and getting up late. :) I was told I was young and can do what I am doing now for awhile. Well, yeah, that’s probably true. :) But I enjoy the time I get to spend with Momma and Jocelyn, and sometimes Eric and Hannah, and I know I always will.

The messenger of HYH encamps all around those who fear Him, And rescues them. Oh, taste and see that HYH is good; Blessed is the man that takes refuge in Him! Fear HYH, you His set-apart ones, For there is no lack to them who fear Him! Young lions have lacked and been hungry; But those who seek HYH lack not any good matter. Come, you children, listen to me; Let me teach you the fear of HYH.

Jocelyn made dinner yesterday, and I think she made lunch, too. I put some white beans in the crockpot and we’ll be eating them today. I put some onions, tomatoes, carrot and zucchini in it, and we’ll be having it with some homemade sourdough bread that I got to bake at a friend’s house the other night. We went over for dinner and I took the opportunity to bake the bread. It was good though, because we traded loaves; she wanted one of the sourdough, so she gave us one of her regular loaves. Ain’t it nice to have friends that do that? I know I love doing that!

Who is the man who desires life, Who loves many days, in order to see good? Keep your tongue from evil, And your lips from speaking deceit. Turn away from evil and do good; Seek peace, and pursue it. The eyes of HYH are on the righteous, And His ears unto their cry. The face of HYH is against evil-doers, To cut off their remembrance from the earth.

Jocelyn made scones on the stove yesterday. She came up and asked me if it was possible to make them without an oven, kinda how I make the english muffins, and I told her that the stove top scone recipes I had found when searching for bread recipes for the stove top had been made just like that. I found a good-looking biscuit recipe that is made in the same way. They certainly weren’t the same as oven-baked scones, but they were good, and I enjoyed them with the pineapple jam Eri got at the pulperia. Hardboiled eggs were had with those too, as we always have them for breakfast on shabbat. It’s the quickest and easiest thing for us. :)

The righteous cried out, and HYH heard, And delivered them out of all their distresses. HYH is near to the broken-hearted, And saves those whose spirit is crushed. Many are the evils of the righteous, But HYH delivers him out of them all. He is guarding all his bones; Not one of them is broken. Evil does slay the wrong, And those who hate the righteous are guilty. HYH redeems the lives of His servants, And none of those taking refuge in Him are guilty.

I hope to take a walk later today, if the weather permits. I love taking waks, even though there’s really nowhere to walk around here except up the road and back. But the fresh air, the sunshine, the soft breeze, and looping my arm through Mom’s or Jocelyn is well worth the ten minutes it takes to walk it.

I have really been enjoying this song too: Lean On Me [by Bill Withers]. Momma was the first one to play it a few days ago and since then, I have been playing it throughout the day. It reminds me of our elderly neighbour who we used to clean for on the weekends, because he used to listen to all sorts of old songs, and bluegrass and all those. :)

Wherever you are, whoever you are, whatever you’re doing, I hope you have a beautiful day of rest and are blessed in it. May HYH bless you and keep you, and make His face to shine upon you, and give you His shalom.

as ever,


4 Responses to “Shabbat Shalom, friends. :)”

  1. Jenna K. says:

    Shabbat Shalom!!! :D
    Jenna K.´s last [type] ..New Lifeā€¦


  2. talindamood says:

    Shabbat Shalom! :-)
    talindamood´s last [type] ..Leap Sale!


  3. Clara says:

    So the stove-top scones worked out well? I love you (and your sister’s) adventurousness in the kitchen – you never know what will work out well and what won’t, until you try! :)

    LOL about the going to bed late and getting up late – and I’m sorry for my part in you forgetting the time! :P It was very fun though. :)


  4. Clara says:

    *I love YOUR and your sister’s adventurousness. (oops!)


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