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Louie Dude

Too bad this isn’t wordless. It coulda been a wordless wednesday. :P

He ain’t as small as he was, is he?

he’s gotten pretty big. and see, I told you he sits lazily.

as ever,

3 Responses to “Louie Dude”

  1. Jenna K. says:

    Aww so cute!! :D
    Jenna K.´s last [type] ..Let Us Rest in Him…


  2. Robert_Bushby says:

    He’s getting bigger and his colour is darkening.He also could be called King Louie as he has a royal look to him :)


  3. inmybookcase says:

    Oh, Louie! My, how he has grown. :)
    inmybookcase´s last [type] ..Favorite Finds #31


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