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over the white picket fence

…or not.
Yeah, try a barbed wire fence instead!
But they are so pretty, aren’t they?
Especially in the late afternoon sun!

They deserve to be on the other side
of a white picket fence,
don’t you think?

All I can do is look at them
through the fir-trees
over the barbed wire fence.

I had forgotten I had written this post when I didn’t have to photos done to post:

they look so pretty in sweet sunlight.
sitting there all nice and neat.
since they are in the neighbour’s yard,
I have to peek at them over the fence.

but they are so pretty.
I know they don’t look it,
but the little patch these are is just
a three foot border that runs along the
little walk in their small backyard.

they remind me of lavender,
and lavender reminds me of
old-fashioned grace and elegance.
don’t they?!

I suppose either of them would work. :)

as ever,

2 Responses to “over the white picket fence”

  1. Jessica says:

    They are beautiful! And my favorite color, too ;)


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