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the colour yellow

the colour yellow

oh, it makes me sing!
it’s such a wonderful thing!
that colour so bright and cheery,
it’s in no way dreery!

that lovely yellow,
oh, how wonderful it is!
look how jolly it makes a fellow
and how he thinks all the world is his!

lovely is as lovely does,
yellow marks the spot.
it is so pretty any way it goes,
neither too cool nor too hot.

yellow always makes me happier;
the sun is yellow, flowers are too;
and I am sure
that happier it will make you!

as ever,
p.s. I wrote that poem all by myself. :) spur of the moment kind of thing.

2 Responses to “the colour yellow”

  1. Jenna K. says:

    Wow…I love it!! I love the photo too!! :D


  2. robert says:

    Good One! You will smile while reading it.


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