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my blog tells you i am…

I asked on my blog for people to tell me what they get of me and myself from my blog. Here are the responses I got:

Jocelyn said that:

you’re sweet,
and mad creative!

[mad creative? I didn't know I was that!]
Anne Marie said:

You’re blog tells me that you’re a loving, kind, honest person who would be willing to sacrifice anything for Abba. :) You seem adventurous, unique, and it seems you love to try new things. :)

Jenna K. told me that:

You’re funny, nice, cool, pretty inside and out :D

Miu said, and I agree with her that:

Oh my, that’s a difficult question!

I’m not good in describing people anyway… But I’ll try, just to satisfy your curiosity :)

You are religious, love to bake, love to draw and love your sister. You like to take pictures, you like nature and animals. You’re into poetry.

Jennifer told me that:

This is what I gather from reading your blog……….

1. You question everything.
2. You are willing to research and listen to other opinions before coming to a final conclusion.
3. You are willing to stand up for what you believe.
4. You don’t enjoy arguing with people that aren’t listening anyhow. LOL
5. You like nature.
6. You are a family person.
7. You like learning.
8. You like reading GOOD books, and you don’t enjoy reading boring books.
9. You’re glad that you’re a lady.
10. You enjoy talking to like-minded people.

Am I right? ;)

Miss Rosi said that:

I can tell that you are a servant and daughter of Yah, a beautiful young lady who loves to bake and takes excellent pictures. Who loves her family and draws great drawings. Also a great friend and encourager…and thank you for sharing your lovely adventures.

Rjcmjconnet said,

You are thoughtful, carefully examining the info before determining your opinion. Most importantly, you actively seek the will if YHWH in all you do! You love Yeshua and your precious family! You deeply care for others!
Blessings in Yeshua HaMashiach,
Joycelyn (Yeshua)

Tarissa told me that:

This is a first for me to answer a question about what I think of a person who I only know through blogging, but I like this. :)

As I think back on what I’ve read from your posts, I gather that you must be…

Sweet. :~)
A poet.
In love with nature—I sometimes think you may live outside. =)
Always thinking and wondering.
A baker of delicious foods.
A steadfast believer in your faith.
Inspired by the little things.
A friend of animals.
A collector of words.
A person who loves learning.
A swell photographer.

[I loved that last one! swell is so fun.]
Camille said:

Hi Rachel, I don’t know you, but I’m one of your readers, I’m a young french girl, believer in Yeshoua, just as you are ;).
And what I think your blog tells about you is that your a young girl who’s striving to follow the steps of your beloved Messiah, you seems to be a happy girl, who have a lot to share and to say!
Nice to read you!
Be encouraged

[Camille: I am glad you commented! I really am! People read my blog and I never know they do. :) Thank you for commenting. :)]

From facebook when I asked the same question:

Dora Mora, a sweet Tica woman who lives here in Costa Rica, who is on my facebook friends said:

That you are awesome, a pure lady, and excellent one…

Tracy Altubalil told me that I’m:

a sweet, intelligent, kind hearted, beautiful girl with a heart for her Father Yahweh.

Garrett Tröster told me that:

It tells me you like pink. XD

[yep. that sums it up, Garrett. :P]

thank you for everyone who commented and told me. :)

as ever,

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