“Everything Has Beauty” | A City On A Hill

“Everything Has Beauty”

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

The sunrise on the 24th of last month [April] was beautiful. Usually, here the morning sky is cloudy. But I attribute that to being so close to the lake. :) There is a lot of beauty in a cloudy sunrise, but I do miss the sunrises I used to see at home, with the sun peeking over the tops of the trees on one side, or rising just where the trees break to make the road visible. It’s spectacular to see the rising of the sun. I think it’s even more so than to see the setting of the sun.


Eric and I went up to milk Mr. Gilbert’s goats and help him out with them, so I grabbed the camera to snap some shots of everything at la finca. [I ought to get a shirt that says, "Look out! I've got a camera and I'm not afraid to use it!" hehe]


Down there, that’s one of the cutest baby goats. That’s Miel, one of the sweetest little goaties you’ll ever meet. Miel means honey in Spanish. She’s part Nubian. Isn’t she a sweetie? She’s looking at Pickles, the Gilbert’s dog, whom she has as her sworn enemy. The little tail next to her is who I call Hermanito, which means, little brother in Spanish. He’s a little goatie belonging to one of the does of Mr. Sanchez. He’s a cutie too, altho he’s not Nubian, but Alpine I think.


This view of about 3/4 of the way into the goat pen field, looking towards the southeast. You can see the goats over there, with the cows too, methinks. They are just kind of silhouettes in this one though. :)


BREAKFAST!!!! Yay! One of the cows was eating her breakfast and giving her boy his too. [She moved away from the feed trough when she saw me, but the baby didn't care about the intruder who had ruined his mother's breakfast by coming to take her photo.] He sucked down his breakfast, and cleared her udder of all its milk in about ten minutes.


That’s a lot of milk to down!


After he was done, I tried to pet him. The babies [and the mommas for that matter!] don’t like to be touched all that much. He just stood there looking at me after awhile, so I took his photo. :) He’s cute, isn’t he? His forehead reminds me of a silhouette of a man with a funky hat and beard. :) What does it look like to you?


When I was done with the cows, Eric and I went in search of the horse that lives there too. It’s a friend’s horse, but he is green-breaking him right now so he’s a little more docile and loves to be petted once you get a hold on him. At the top of the hill where the fence ends, this is the view to the left:


Another view from the fence at the top of the hill looking back:


This is the view when we came back from the top of the hill. It’s pretty too!


Looking into the cow pen from the top of the hill where the fence is. [This spot is usually where the horse stands.] That’s Eric in the orange shirt walking towards me. He’s pointing to something in the trees. Would you like to know what it is? :)


A tucan!!!! :) He was enjoying the rising of the sun just as we were. :)


Another view looking out of the cow pen into the ‘south slope’. :) The highway type road is that way.


This is part of one of the paths that lead to the driveway. Lovely isn’t it? It was even more so in real life!


One of the hibiscus flowers along the road to home again… very vibrant and beautiful!


A gate to someone’s house that I thought would make a very lovely photo and I was right. It looks absolutely magical. I could write a story about that gate. :) enchanting!


So, anyhow. I thought I needed to update my blog. :) I forgot I hadn’t posted these so here they are… for your enjoyment of course! Tell me, what do you like best about your favourite photo in this set?

pura vida y shalom!

4 Responses to ““Everything Has Beauty””

  1. Sonja says:

    My personal favorite is the view when you came over the top of the hill. I would love to go there like about a half hour earlier and get the sunrise… The light is probably beautiful then! <3

    Much Love!
    Sonja´s last [type] ..My Hearts Cry


  2. Rjcmjconnet says:

    The pictures are so beautiful! You really are a gifted photographer! I love the beauty in the scenery, animals, and people all created by the loving hands of YHWH!
    Blessings in Yeshua HaMashiach,


  3. Miss Rosi says:

    I like the bonita girl milking the goat!:)


  4. Stefanie says:

    Oh Rachel!! Beautiful photos! I love the ones of the baby goats and cow!



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