A City On A Hill | Matthew 5:14 You are light for the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden."

seeing the beauty

there is beauty in everything.
in every cloud, every raindrop, every closed flower.
in every frown, every tear, every unhappy life.
we just have to look for it.

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sometimes it is hard to see the beauty in everything.
we are too busy seeing all of the ugliness of what is happening.
we will see colour, happiness and life in everything,
if we’ll only look for it.

a day at the field

We went to the soccer field on Sunday and I took along the camera. I got a couple of really nice photos. Or, at least I think they are nice. :) Maybe you would agree with me. I am not posting all the photos in this post, because there are too many to have in one post. So there will be other posts coming soon with photos!

click on the photos to make them bigger. They will open in a new tab. :)

We went with the P’s; we had lunch up at the little building there before we ran around the field.

lookie at this view!

Spinach-tomato-cucumber pasta salad that Joelyn made. It was good. :) We also had baked beans, tuna salad sandwiches, flat bread and watermelon. Yum. It was good.

Actually, since we got there first, Jocelyn and I ran around with Louie and Gisi. They enjoyed it very much.

Look how long his tongue is!

And Gisi. she’s sooooo funny sometimes. She was so tired from running around and laid down and wouldn’t sit up straight when Jocelyn wanted a photo.

I like that photo. ;)

Lu was so funny and I told her to look at me when we was getting a drink. She’s a cutie!

To leave off, here’s a couple of photos of Momma and Samo:

as ever,

Living Learning Moments: 03-18-12

Boy, I haven’t done a LLM in a long time, have I? Not since last October actually! Wow! Well, I think it’s time for another one and since it is the first day of the week, it’s the perfect time. :) Join in with me if you want to. Just copy my post and put in your own answers to the bolded parts. :) Disfrute!

For My Week: No plans are definite for this week; I might have to go town in the next couple of days, since Jocelyn’s gone the past two times, to get some groceries. We might go over to our friend’s house to have dinner or something. I wish their espresso machine wasn’t shot, because I would really love to have another one right now. :) We could take a trip up the soccer field for a day of playing and picnic style lunch, which both of our families have been wanting to do.

I hope to get a bit of drawing done this week; just something simple. And get on with my book too.I haven’t written much in it lately because it is just ‘hard’ for me to if I don’t know exactly what I need to write. But I will finish it. I got book #1 down, and I am about 1/4 of the way into the second one. It’ll be a two-part series sorta thingamabob, because if it was one book, it’d be huge. Soooo, hopefully I’ll get that done before the end of the month. That leaves me almsot two weeks to do that.

A Photo:

I take photos of things I see.
and try to take them the way I see them.
which is why that photo exists. :)

People have told me that they love the yellow and mellow background of that photo, as well as the details of the bark on the stake. It’s the top of the stake for the chicken pen.

The favorite thing I did: sat in the bright, warm sunshine. :)

The weather outside is: sunny! bright and sunshiny today! Great for laundry and being outside. Maybe it’ll rain later on; it usually does.

I am reading: I am currently reading several books: Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie and Alan Higley; Make a Healthier Choice with Essential Oils by Jane Tess Davis; Baldwin’s Readers: Sixth Year; High School English: Book Two; Moby Dick by Herman Melville [still!]. I am also kinda reading with Momma, or being read to, The Mama’s Torah: The Role of Womeni by Batya Wooten. It is a very good book and I have really been enjoying it with Momma.

My projects around the house: Nothing particular at the present moment, except for the laundry. but that’s a constant project around here. :)

I learned about: …essential oils. see books above. :)

I made: …cafe. MMMMM!

I am working on: …getting up early and going to bed early. :)

I am looking forward to: …being home.

My Scripture verse for the week: Psalm 15

 HYH, who does sojourn in Your Tent? Who does dwell in Your set-apart mountain? He who walks blamelessly, And does righteousness, And speaks the truth in his heart. He has not slandered with his tongue, He has not done evil to his neighbour, Nor lifted up a reproach against his friend; In whose eyes a reprobate one is despised, But he esteems those who fear HYH; He who swears to his own hurt and does not change; He has not put out his silver at interest, And has not taken a bribe against the innocent. He who does these is never moved.

On my prayer list: My family, myself, and friends. Too many to name them all.

I am thankful for: SUNSHINE.

Musically inclined: He Knows My Name :) Mom recently started playing this… I have heard it before, but it is so wonderful.


Word of the Day:

brisance \bri-ZAHNS\, noun:

The shattering effect of a high explosive.


All generalizations are bad.” :P

as ever, be blessed!

Shabbat Shalom

Just popping in to wish all of my friends a blessed shabbat today. I hope you all have a wonderful Day of Rest today.

as ever

wordless wednesday: empty birdcage

click for larger view. :)

The Squeakers

Just some more photos of the momma and her pups.

that corner is terrible for photos. Sorry for the bad quality. ;)

buffet style! :P

I call the white one right there Polar Bear. He looks like a little polar bear, doesn’t he?

Hope you enjoyed the photos.

as ever,

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