Please Pray for these Needs…..

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I have some prayer requests I would like to share.
Please pray for my mom ~ she fell last week and hit her head… she has a black eye and her head still hurts.
Please pray for my husband Adrian ~ He was in the ER Saturday all day while I was out of town.  :(  He had 2 Kidney stones, one was only 3mm (which he passed) but the other one is 13mm and they said he would have to have surgery.  I have been praying and asking all to pray that this large stone would just dissolve and they won’t have to do surgery.
Well, he went to the Dr. today and they said… that type of stone you have is one that we can give you medication for and it will just DISSOLVE…HA>..Praise God…Lord I thank you for your answer to prayer ahead of time!…Prayer and an Answer already, Hallelujah!
My other prayer request is for our dear Pastor’s son.  Our pastor took Adrian to the ER while I was gone and took care of him for me and everything. His whole family is always very kind toward us and we love them so much!
His son Theron is 15 years old and has been diagnosed with a neurological disorder since last November 07.  One day in Nov. he had complete memory loss while he was at school.  After that each day when he would wake up he didn’t know who his family was or anyone else for that matter.  He only knew what people did or things they had said in the past…but he couldn’t tell you what their name was.  Well,  he actually did know one person…His swimming coach…and he would call him coach- Which is His Dad…our Pastor~
Since then, in Feb 08 Theron went blind almost over night.  He had been having waves of blurriness and in the past month he has had black outs here and there….mostly black now. Today Aug 5 he was at swimming practice and when he dove in his dad knew something was wrong…immediately Theron was unable to move his lower body.  When they took him in to the trainer she told them that this was not muscular but neurological.
Theron is one of the sweetest young people I know.  He has an amazing outlook even with all he has been through in the past 10 months.  He knows God has purpose in what he is doing and he has been taking each one of these occurrences with tremendous stride.
Theron has actually been looked at for the Olympic Games for 2012 his times are amazing even since he has been blind.  Tomorrow they are planning to take Theron to Austin to see his Dr.  This Dr. believes all of this is due to inoculations Theron had back in late October 07.  He had the Flu shot and something else and about 2 1/2 weeks later he lost his memory.
I thank God that Theron does have quite a bit of his memory back now; which the Dr.’s in El Paso and in Minn. said he would not regain!  I know God can work through this and I ask you to pray for this sweet sweet young man.

As you pray…Remember this..according to Ephesians 3:20
My God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we are able to ask think or even imagine!

Blessings upon you,

UPDATE!!! I received a call from Pastor Shawn at 8:30am this morning!  He said when Theron got up he was able to stand on his legs and move them slightly! All Praise be to God….Please Keep those prayers coming!

UPDATE!!! #2  8/8/08 ~

I talked with Pastor today and he said Theron is doing excellent…he is walking and he even went to swim practice today and swam almost 3 miles!  Praise God! They believe this episode was related to the fact that he ran out of his medication that fights the virus.

Thank you Lord, We know you are always watching over us. Pastor Shawn said he would also try to stop by and leave a comment.  I know they are so thankful for every prayer ~

UPDATE!!! #3   08/15/08 ~
I recently received an email from a friend of mine that I hadn’t talked to in quite some time.  Her name is Jane; She let me know she just found out she is in the early stages of breast cancer.  I put her on our church prayer list last week and I am expecting an awesome report soon.  Please add her to your prayers she is a sweet woman with a husband and 3 children.  We are believing for God’s healing~Our prayers are sent up for you Jane!

UPDATE!!! #4 08/28/08 ~

The Drews Family needs our prayers their dear 3 1/2 year old son, Christian went to be with Jesus. Please pray for them; visit their blog and leave a comforting word.

UPDATE!!! #5  09/12/08 ~

Please keep all previous requests in prayer I am still waiting for updates on them and will let you know as I receive them. Please add Clara to the prayer list. She is a sweet woman at our church who recently had a biopsy done and the doctor called her this week and said she need a mastectomy right away.

My sister Jacque has a prayer list on her blogsite as well at “Walking Therein”

My niece Amanda’s at “The Daily Planet”

We shall Keep Believing His Promises!

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15 Responses to “Please Pray for these Needs…..”

  1. Amanda Says:

    Thank you Jesus for your healing! I am so glad Uncle A is doing better!

    I pray right now for Theron and his parents and siblings! Jesus, we know you are in control and are watching over him. We know that you have a plan for His life and we believe that through this trial you will reign magnificently! Lord, we believe and pray right now for a full healing for Theron and that whatever Your perfect will is for his life, that it will happen and everyone will see that you are God, our healer!
    We believe that Your time is the best time and we will remain peacefully in that! Thank you for Your healing and we pray for Theron and his family that they will continue to lean on You and set amazing examples for You!
    I thank you for this boy and the example he has already set for so many to see and I pray that through this badness goodness will come!
    In Jesus’ Holy and Precious name, AMEN!

    I will be sure to add this to my prayer page!
    Thanks for the update on him. I was wondering how he was doing!
    Love you Aunt Jen!

  2. Jeannie Says:

    My prayers go out to this young man and his family, Please keep us updated as you are able to too. I am also sorry to hear about your own families struggles with health.


  3. Christina Says:

    I have been praying for Theron ever since you told me about him in IM. Thanks for the updates. I am happy that he is doing a bit better today.

    I have added Adrian to our prayers. I hope he is not in excessive pain. I have heard that can be pretty bad. I have been praying for the stone to dissolve too.

    Lovingly and Prayerfully,

  4. Mom (Grandma Starr) Says:

    Praise God for answers to prayer..I will keep on praying

  5. Your sister Says:

    Praying always!
    Praying and believing with you my dear sister!!

    I was going to put up the request about mom, but didn’t know if she wanted me to. I shoulda’ just put it up!


  6. jhunnelle Says:

    remembering them in my prayers.

  7. Walking Therein » Blog Archive » Living Life Says:

    [...] pictures, and let me tell you, they are not pretty! My sister has a few other requests, so please READ ABOUT THEM and pray with [...]

  8. Sisterlisa Says:

    Praying for Mom Starr AND Theron!

    Sisterlisas last blog post..A Simple Woman’s Daybook

  9. Amanda Says:

    PRAISE GOD! I am glad Theron is getting his legs back… next will be his site… then his memory! In JESUS’ NAME!
    Love you!

  10. Aunt_Jen Says:

    Actually Therons memory has been improving greatly over the past 3 or 4 months….He does know who people are now. Sometimes it takes him awhile to remember people he hasnt seen before all this happened I think or instances from long ago….but who doesn’t have that same memory problem :)
    His dad said they called the Dr. in Austin since his appointment is coming up at the end of Aug they did find out why they think this happened. Theron has a pill box that he fills for the week. Well he didn’t tell his parents that one pill container was empty. That was his pill for the virus. Which the Dr. said they were gonna see if they could take him off of that now. They figured out with this incident that he needs to stay on it. I am interested Jacque if you know of any homeopathic medicines…I am not sure of the virus other than it is in his nervous system.
    Thanks for all your prayers….I appreciate them and I know the Drake Family does!

  11. Amanda Says:

    I am so sorry that Grandma fell. I saw the picture of her eye, and it looked bad. I wish we could have been there when she fell. I am praying for her. :)

    I am so glad that Uncle Adrian is doing better. I am praying for him too. I’m glad that he didn’t have to have surgery. That is a miracle from the Lord.

    It’s so sad about Theron. I was so sad to hear that he couldn’t walk for a time. I’m glad he is getting his memory (some of it) back. I will be praying for him, and his father. I can’t imagine what they are all going through. If you can, tell him he is in my prayers. :)

    I almost forgot about your comment on my blog! I am doing good. Keepin’ busy. Making dinner right now.

    I am really glad I could post a song you really love. I love it too. We really need to remember that God is our Fount. He does sustain us like water sustains our bodies. I thank God that He is my God and that I am able to drink of His Fount.

    Thank you, I love that picture too. I know I have not been online much. I have not been able to be online much because we are down one computer, and so Jocelyn has taken over mine. I was hoping to blog today (it’s my blog day), but I have not been able to get on because Jocelyn has been trying to figure out whatever about the pc.

    It’s a good thing that Mom got her battery today! I hope I can use her laptop a little. I have articles to write…

    Love ya, and miss you too! Give a hug to Uncle Adrian for me, please. Tell him I miss him too.

  12. Amanda Says:

    Oops… that was Rachel… I didn’t know Amanda was signed on!


  13. Aunt_Jen Says:

    Thanks for your prayers Rachel….I miss you a lot! I did tell our Pastor that your family has been lifting them up in prayer and I sent him a link to my blog; so I hope he is able to stop by and see all the ppl that are praying for them.
    I will tell Uncle A too~ We are still working on gettin you all another PC.
    Love you,
    Aunt Jen

  14. Pastor Shawn Says:

    This is the first time I have ever replied to any blog.I tell you this not because of being embarassed or ashamed of that;but simply I would normally say I don’t have the time.Because of Jennifer and Adrian’s influence in my life;I knew there was time to leave a message concerning Tharon.Tharon has been back in school for 1 week and it has been tough.They weren’t prepared for a blind student.Pray that things improve at school or God opens a new door for Tharon’s schooling.Thanks for all the prayers.
    Pastor Shawn

  15. Aunt_Jen Says:

    We continue to pray for Tharon; God always has a plan. You are in our prayers as well Pastor as you make the decisions that need to be made…..keep those prayers comin’.

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