Simple Woman’s Daybook #11

Author: Jennifer Wallace  //  Category: Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY: November 12, 2008  *typing that date was like wow…NOVEMBER!

Outside my window… It is beautiful, sunny and warm…I think it’s warmer outside than inside; leaves are falling….work for me to do soon :)

I am thinking…~I wish I would’ve left my hair blonde cuz now I need it coloured…grrrrr grrrrr gray!

I am thankful… God has blessed me with a kind, loving husband ~ who puts up with me!

From the Kitchen… Still have groceries from the in-laws PTL!  Eating at home means more dishes I need to stay on top of them!

I am wearing… My sweat outfit….with socks! ~ COMFY

I am creating… Working on creating….a file system for all our worship music putting it in order so we know what we have!

I am going… a little crazy but what’s new!

I am reading… In Matthew, Bad Girls of the Bible/Love Dare

I am believing… God for miracles in my life and trying hard to let Him decide what those miracles should be.

I am hearing… My playlist playing on my Mac .

Around the house…
I need to clean the BR’s & give them an overhaul! Among other things like laundry, mopping dusting!

One of my favorite things…
Being with my family……………………………………………………………..

A few plans for the Rest of the Week: Let go and Let GOD!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing:

I wanted to share a pic of the Love Dare Book which is from the Movie “Fireproof” which was AWESOME…(can’t hardly wait til Jan. for it to come out on DVD) and a special book my sister made for me some years ago…. I thought it was fitting to post since it is a journal book about “Believing His Promise”.

Thanks for stopping by…my prayer for you: that you believe in the Promises of God. I enjoy sharing and letting you know what is going on with me.

Please visit the site for this wonderful meme and start yours today.

For Guidelines of this meme, visit The Simple Woman.

With a heart for Him,

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7 Responses to “Simple Woman’s Daybook #11”

  1. Sir Eric Says:

    THE first commenter cool
    I miss you really bad

    Love your nephew
    Sir Eric

    Sir Erics last blog post..Nominated in the Homeschool Blog Awards

  2. Jacque Says:

    Groceries left over from in-laws is great! :)

    Wow… I remember the notebook. It is quite pretty, isn’t it?
    How do you like the Love Dare?

    I am thankful for your kind loving husband you have too. :)
    ((HUGS))) from afar…. we will live close enough to come and chat over tea Jen. We just will.

    LOVE YOU! Miss you.

    Jacques last blog post..Fight the FOCA

  3. Miss Jocelyn Says:

    Aww, that a sweet photo to post. I think I remember her giving or making you that book. :)

    Miss you too and am glad you have Uncle A! He’s pretty cool. lol

    ((((((((((((((((((((((((((HUGS and KISSES))))))))))))))

    Love you!

  4. Amanda Says:

    great picture! I slightly remember that book Mama made. I so can’t wait til Fireproof comes out! I am counting the days! :D

    How is that file making going? :)
    Love you and MISS you!


  5. Aunt_Jen Says:

    Ugh…I was just reminded again today about the files…since we have tons of sheet music all over the music room…and You know I can’t find the sheet I need when I actually need it! I so need to get going on this filing. I just don’t even have files to put them in! Or the folders….I guess I at least need folders to help sort first….OR Piles to start for FILES HAHA
    I figure I better laugh so I don’t cry…:)

  6. Mom Says:

    I don’t know how I missed your daybook!!!!! :(
    Anyway, I enjoyed it…..Glad we got to talk for a bit today…The interview went well, (I think) and he is waiting for “The Regis Company” (parent company) to give him the okay to hire me….
    anyway….hope to talk with you in a few…

  7. Jessica Says:

    Your blog looks good! I went to see the movie fireproof too! Even though it is geared towards married people, I came away having learned a lot from it. I am stilling applying things from that movie to myself. (I’m nineteen) The book looks good too!

    Have a blessed day and God Bless!

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